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Happy puzzles. VR and 360° are two different processes, but I put them together because they deal with similar senses. Working with either medium is not as intuitive and tangible as I've hoped. Goro Fujita has made VR painting seem so easy, when in truth he did a tremendous amount of practices. Painting with Quill, to me, is like squeezing toothpaste that freezes in the air.

Also, I wrote some notes on 360° sketching and they can be found under writings (near the bottom). 

rice harvesting (2018) 360 view

Man Mo Temple (2017) 360 view

Kam Tin treehouse (2017) 360 view

Na Tcha Temple, Macau (2017) 360 view

Pok Fu Lam waterfall (2017) 360 view

a leap of faith (2016) 360 view

A Certain Weariness by Neruda (2016) 360 view