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expresii animation


Expresii is a Hong Kong/Macau ink painting and calligraphy software. I was introduced to Expresii and its developer, Nelson at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, and I began animating with it since. I didn't know much about Chinese ink painting at the time, aside from Ah Chung's work, but Expresii is meticulous enough as a software to allow for intuitive artistic expression. I ended up using it quite extensively.

The swallow animation process ↗ demonstrates one of the earlier attempts to Expresii animation. The Needy Animator invited me to write something for it shortly after. (As an afterthought though, I don't believe artistic work like “Where is Mama?” should be competed against the fast-pacing entertainment market. They are sort of two different things.)

Green Earth and the Ted-Ed animation continued with the exploration. But it was not until Red Squirrel Mai (an animated feature) that the technique was fully developed into an animation pipeline. 

Some of the static work can be found under the illustration section.

(gifs: 2016 - 2017)

swallow animation process (2017)